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We would like to express our appreciation for the great service from NV Property Management. We have also been extremely pleased with their consistent communication about issues that may come up at the property. In addition, their statements have always been very easy to follow and accurate. The things we like most about NV Property Management are: 1. Their Professionalism 2. Their attention to details 3. Keeping us notified of any ‘changes’ in a very timely manner 4. Always having the time to answer our questions We would recommend NV Property Management for anyone who has property that they need managed in an economical and efficient manner. They use only first class subcontractors to perform maintenance and repairs. We can honestly say we have had no issues with anyone of their associates who have performed repairs on our property.
DR. S. Bosiljcic & M. Stojanovic, Ottawa, ON
I am sending you a letter of recommendation. I will also send a more detailed letter that describes your professionalism when I stopped our negotiations. It’s important to me that you are aware and can make others aware of how high your business practice standards are. I’m sure you deal with people like me often; it would be easy to take advantage of situations, and I believe you really look out for everyone in the transaction. You can count on me anytime to recommend you personally. I can’t say thank you enough.
S. Casey, Port Moody, BC
I was one of the many ambitious, energetic “wantrepreneurs”…those who see themselves as entrepreneurs/business people but fail to execute in that capacity. It felt like I was going around in circles and using up valuable time and energy with little progress to show for it. Shadi Guirguis helped to “(flip a switch)(turn on a light)” for me that has increased the return on my efforts. Shadi Guirguis’s ability to listen, quickly assess and formulate business solutions has exposed me to business disciplines, opportunities and strategies that are resulting in my increased wealth of mind, attitude and pocket book. I highly recommend Shadi Guirguis to business minds who are looking to capitalize on investment and business opportunities.
B. Bailey, Ottawa, ON